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 1st World War                        

museums, statues and only a few memorials - there are many all over the London area 
not covered here but just as important to local people

Theme 40    2006          Download (PDF)                       



 2nd World War              Related Themes:  Battle of Britain  The Blitz

as you might expect a very large and varied Theme of people, monuments and 
places associated with the War.  It can only cover a selection of places of interest

Theme 48    2006          Download (PDF)     


  Acting & Actors               Related Themes:  Theatres  Theatrical Memorabilia       the profession not the location - photographs, costumes, associations.                    
      See elsewhere for theatres & theatrical memorabilia  
      Theme 36    2006          Download (PDF)               


       all things African - from works of art to food
       Theme 7    2006             Download (PDF)        


Air Forces               Related Themes:  Battle of Britain                 memorials, museums, people - mainly British                 
Theme 13
Download (PDF)  


 Aircraft & Flight                                                         
        anything connected with planes and aviation - history,
models, actual planes                
Theme 1    2006          Download (PDF)  


 Ampitheatres                Related Themes:  Theatres
        one of these open air theatres is Roman, others are used for public events
Theme 115
Download (PDF) 

        there are angels everywhere even in non-religious places - these are a selection
        Theme 67    2006
               Download (PDF) 



    Angels in Places of Religion

 carved in wood or stone, painted on glass - these are only a selection of the 
  more interesting

 Theme 18    2006          Download (PDF) 


 Antiques                  Related Themes:  Art Deco
        where to see and where to buy - and not just furniture  
Theme 84    2006         Download (PDF)   


     objects from the distant past, from different civilisations         
         Theme 69    2006        Download (PDF)    



  Aquaria                   Related Themes:  Fish & Fishing           
interesting collections of living fish  
Theme 68    2006          Download (PDF)   


  Armour                         Related Themes:  Costumes  Weapons    
what the well-dressed knight wore in battle - the suits themselves or carved on statues, tombstones ...
        Theme 78    2006         Download (PDF) 


 Art Deco                          
        the decorative arts of the 1920s and 1930s - not only in architecture but in everyday objects and furniture  
Theme 94    2006         Download (PDF)


     the "understanding of human knowledge through the heavens" is shown in zodiac signs, books ...  
        Theme 110    2006          Download (PDF)  



objects and people associated with stargazing and the study of the heavens

Theme 95    2006        Download (PDF)  


  Ballet                           Related Themes:  Dance & Dancing
        from the more important places to see performances to the memorabilia   
        Theme 89
          Download (PDF)


  Barges & Narrowboats            Related Themes:  Canals               

used to transport goods or people on the canals or the River             
Thames,   this Theme covers some unusual uses and associations          

Theme 50    2006          Download (PDF)           



 Battle of Britain             Related Themes:  Air Forces  2nd World War
       an important event during the 2nd World War remembered in a variety of places and ways  
heme 81
    2006         Download (PDF)


 Bears of all sorts            Related Themes:  Toys  
     real, fictitious and even stuffed
     Theme 88    2006            Download (PDF) 

 Beds & Bedrooms    
     only the historical and famous ...
     Theme 46    2006           Download (PDF)


 Beer & Brewing                Related Themes:  Wine                            
      only a selection of slightly different places - don't forget all the pubs 
     as well that are listed in books devoted to them                             
      Theme 70          Download (PDF)    


       to be seen or just to listen to - and not only in churches.  
       Theme 6    2006          Download (PDF)    


      examples of early Bibles and monuments to those associated with them   
Theme 2    2006          Download (PDF) 


 Birds - Decorative          Related Themes:  Eagles  Pelicans
       a few of the carved or painted or sculptured birds to be found in a variety of places  
       Theme 11    2006          Download (PDF)


 Birds - Stuffed              
      for this Theme the only other word to use is 'taxidermy'           Theme 76    2006          Download (PDF)  


 Birds & Aviaries         Related Themes:  Eagles  Pelicans
       parks, nature reserves, pubs - a variety of birds ranging from finches to flamingos
       Theme 49    2006         Download (PDF)




looks at bridges in general, both the large and the small. It only 
list of Thames bridges and their features will be the subject of a future                    
Theme 72
          Download (PDF)   



Buddhism                   Related Themes:  Islam  Jewish History & Religion

one of the many religions to be found in London

Theme 41    2006          Download (PDF)


 Butterflies & Moths                
      both alive and preserved
      Theme 15    2006          Download (PDF)       


 Canals           Related Themes:  Barges & Narrowboats              
a delightful and much more peaceful alternative to London's streets     
      Theme 98
    2006          Download (PDF)  


 Candlesticks & Candelabra          Related Themes: Chandeliers
         one is the holder in which the candle is placed; the other a branched 
         & ornamented candlestick. Both are attractive and unusual

Theme 20    2006         Download (PDF)              

      magnificent examples can be seen in most of the historical buildings throughout
      London - these are a few of the more unusual 
      Theme 107    2006          Download (PDF)      


      from actual cars to toys, accessories and people
      Theme 71    2006          Download (PDF)  



 Cats - Domestic & Wild    Related Themes:  Lions                

from stuffed to sculptured - and a few real ones. More in the Lions Theme
Theme 10
    2006         Download (PDF)                                        

 Ceiling Paintings            

there are many lovely painted ceilings in London buildings - often not accessible to the public. 
This small selection does not do justice to those or to the many attractive church ceilings - 
well worth looking at and to be covered in a future Theme

Theme 33    2006          Download (PDF)    


 Ceramics & Pottery      Related Themes: Porcelain & China    

ceramics are products shaped and hardened by heat. Pottery is a     
ceramic article made of baked clay                                              

Theme 79    2006          Download (PDF)    



a selection of well-designed or slightly unusual furniture or those used by the famous - 
in houses, pubs, churches 
Theme 109    2006         Download (PDF)     


 Chandeliers                 Related Themes:  Candlesticks & Candelabra   
       all beautiful works of craftsmanship this is a selection of the most striking
        Theme 27    2006            Download (PDF)


  Charles I & Charles II (Kings)                                    
       portraits, statues, connections - of two famous British kings                    
        Theme 73    2006            Download (PDF)  


 China (the Country)     

all aspects of China and the Chinese - art, crafts,  memorials - but no recommendations for restaurants!!  Theme 44    2006          Download (PDF)   


  Church Clocks            Related Themes:  Clocks  Time              

some of the oldest or more unusual - usually external                    

Theme 25    2006          Download (PDF)   


 Church Reredos     
an ornamental screen at the back of the altar - usually carved in wood or stone and often painted
        Theme 112   2006          Download (PDF)    


  Clocks              Related Themes:  Time  Watches
       small to large, functional to ornate                  
       Theme 3    2006                Download (PDF)   


  Clocks as Architectural Features                Related Themes:  Church Clocks       
       used to provide decoration or simply usefulness to a building
       Theme 16    2006
            Download (PDF)  


 Coffee                    Related Themes:  Tea
        not where to drink it but things associated with it
        Theme 31    2006           Download (PDF)      


 Costumes                Related Themes:  Armour
        historical, theatrical, fancy dress - you may find them here 
        - all types in all types of places
     Theme 43    2006            Download (PDF)  

 Cricket                       Related Themes:  Football                      
        a British institution - find out about it, see where it's played and perhaps watch a match            
        Theme 29    2006               Download (PDF) 


  Crime & Detection        Related Themes:  Police  Prisons  Punishment

history, detectives, highwaymen - a bit of everything, except Police 
and Punishment - these have their own Themes

Theme 30    2006            Download (PDF)       



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