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 Dance & Dancing            Related Themes:  Ballet

fountains, venues, paintings - and all types of dance
Theme 108    2006           Download (PDF)                                    



man's best friend whether in stone, glass ...                         

Theme 17      2006          Download (PDF)          



large and small, often very ornate, these are some of the many               
that can be spotted when exploring
Theme 111    2006           Download (PDF)          


 Doves                             Related Themes:  Birds                        

often of religious significance they can also be found in memorials and statues. 
This Themes also covers dovecotes of historical interest

Theme 75    2006           Download (PDF)    

Duke of Wellington    
         one of Britain's greatest generals, Arthur Wellesley is remembered in a variety of places  
     Theme 99    2006           Download (PDF)    


 Eagles & Other Birds of Prey       Related Themes:  Birds  Pelicans    

some alive - but mainly in stone, wood or a precious metal                        

Theme 92    2006          Download (PDF)   



 Embroidery                   Related Themes:  Tapestries

examples of the art and craftsmanship

Theme 9    2006           Download (PDF)                   



 Equestrian Statues & Portraits     Related Themes:  Horses

notables on horseback - from kings to soldiers

Theme 12    2006          Download (PDF)               


  Fish & Fishing               Related Themes:  Aquaria                             

whether you want to eat them, catch them or buy something fish-related then this is the Theme for you. 
If you want to see collections of living fish then look under Aquaria                                                    Theme 59    2006          Download (PDF)           




   Flags & Banners                                     
        preserved in museums and churches, flying on buildings -     
          these are the more unusual                                            
          Theme 106    2006          Download (PDF)     



  Football                       Related Themes:  Cricket

a national game - this Theme includes rugby

Theme 19    2006          Download (PDF)                 





there are many fountains - large and small - in London. These are a few of them   

Theme 23    2006          Download (PDF) 



 Gods & Goddesses         Related Themes:  Mythology   
Egyptian, Roman, Greek - as statues, allegorical figures .... different depictions, different locations
        Theme 91    2006            Download (PDF)    


 Herb Gardens                                                                       
        from the 17th century to the present day, often in walled gardens         
        Theme 61    2006           Download (PDF)     



  Horses                     Related Themes:  Equestrian Statues & Portraits         
           statues, pub signs, traditions and places to see & ride horses - all and more are covered here
           Theme 24    2006          Download (PDF)  



  India                           Related Themes:  Buddhism                     
things Indian - from people to food, furniture to artefacts           
        Theme 65    2006          Download (PDF)  


 Insects                        Related Themes:  Butterflies & Moths
        things creepy crawly from ants to spiders
        Theme 82    2006          Download (PDF)                  


 Islam         Related Themes:  Buddhism  Jewish History & Religion

another of the religions to be found in this multi-cultural city    

Theme 114    2006         Download (PDF) 


  Jewellery                       Related Themes:  Silver & Gold

from places to gaze at and admire priceless and rare pieces to market stalls where you can buy everyday items 
- the choice is yours

Theme 101    2006         Download (PDF)         


 Jewish History & Religion               Related Themes:  Buddhism  Islam

social history, settlement in London, industry, religion, The Holocaust - a selection of everything

Theme 104    2006         Download (PDF)    





  Lions                       Related Themes:  Cats             
       some real, most carved and ornate; only a selection here. Are Cats of interest?                                                                         
       Theme 56    2006          Download (PDF)        


        somewhere to lose children or partners!    
        Theme 96    2006           Download (PDF)

 Mills & Windmills            

although the actual mills are not centrally situated they are worth a visit if mills 
(whether wind or water) are your particular interest

Theme 28    2006          Download (PDF)                  



  Money, Coins & Finance                                                

from collections of coins to statues of financiers:                           
from architecture to traditions       
Theme 35    2006          Download (PDF)     



 Musical Instruments                                                             
         instruments (keyboard, self-playing, string, organs ...), illustrations, archives - and not just from Britain 
         Theme 62    2006          Download (PDF)  


 Mythology                     Related Themes:  God & Goddesses                 

traditional stories, often of unbelievable things, are portrayed by objects, paintings and sculpture
Theme 63    2006          Download (PDF)       


  Newspapers, Printing & Publishing           
           from the early printed books to the modern printing works - and pubs and people

  Theme 51    2006          Download (PDF)        




        personalities, history and memorabilia    
        Theme 86    2006           Download (PDF)  


It can only cover a selection of places of interest museums, theatres and connections
Theme 4    2006           Download (PDF) 

 Panoramas & Views         

there are many different views of London and its buildings - this is a selection

Theme 58    2006         Download (PDF)  

 Pelicans                        Related Themes:  Birds

many carved but occasionally alive

Theme 55    2006          Download (PDF)   


         from stamps to the postal service to historical connections
Theme 83    2006          Download (PDF) 




 Police             Related Themes:  Crime & Detection  Prisons  Punishment         

history, people, unusual police stations - closely related to the Crime & Detection theme
Theme 87    2006          Download (PDF)   

 Politics                          Related Themes:  Prime Ministers        

the people and the places connected with activities of government    

Theme 80    2006          Download (PDF)  

 Porcelain & China          Related Themes:  Ceramics & Pottery           

porcelain is fine earthenware, often white, thin and transparent while china is any article of porcelain, 
originally brought from
China in the 16th century, or an imitation of it                             

Theme 85    2006         Download (PDF)          


 Prime Ministers             Related Themes:  Politics                           

places, statues and other memorials - mostly, but not entirely, British 

Theme 60    2006          Download (PDF)


 Prisons             Related Themes:  Crime & Detection  Police  Punishment
       London has had many prisons over the centuries. This Theme looks at the people, the places and the stories 
       connected with them              
       Theme 113    2006         Download (PDF)      



 Pulpits in the City of London      Related Themes:  Stairs in Places of Religion
       most churches have pulpits - these are some of the oldest, the most ornate, the slightly different  
       Theme 39    2006          Download (PDF)    



 Pulpits outside the City       Related Themes:  Stairs in Places of Religion

we've looked at City churches but there are many of interest in the rest of London

Theme 57    2006          Download (PDF)   



 Punishment           Related Themes:  Crime & Detection  Police  Prisons       

trial, imprisonment, torture, deportation, execution, martyrs - all are covered

Theme 105    2006         Download (PDF)     






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