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 Railways                          Related Themes:  Steam  Trains

trains are elsewhere - this covers stations of note, engineers of renown and anything else connected 
with this important aspect of transport

Theme 103    2006           Download (PDF) 


gardens, windows, painted or carved

Theme 64    2006           Download (PDF)  


        anything connected with the sea, sailors and sea-life - except transport
        Theme 45    2006          Download (PDF)      





 Silver & Gold                   Related Themes:  Jewellery               

from gold bars to ecclesiastical silverware - a very varied selection

Theme 97    2006          Download (PDF)  

 Stairs as an Architectural Feature     

of different shapes and different materials - all providing an important architectural feature to the building

Theme 53    2006          Download (PDF) 


 Stairs in Places of Religion      Related Themes:  Pulpits

up into pulpits, galleries, towers ...

Theme 5    2006            Download (PDF)

 Stairs with Decorative Features    

this Theme looks at how the stairs are decorated rather than their shape and material

Theme 32    2006          Download (PDF)  

 Stamp Collecting            

from stamps to the postal service to historical connections

Theme 83    2006          Download (PDF)

 Steam                           Related Themes:  Trains                           

steam engines and steamships but not steam trains

Theme 21    2006          Download (PDF)         

 Suffrage                       Related Themes:  Politics                     

the right to vote in political elections is celebrated in               
various collections and statues                                                 

Theme 100    2006         Download (PDF)

 Swimming & Bathing  

there are many public and private pools throughout London - 
these are a few of the more unusual or decorative

Theme 37    2006          Download (PDF)

 Tapestries                     Related Themes:  Embroidery

beautiful examples, many from world-famous manufacturers

Theme 93    2006          Download (PDF)

 Tea                     Related Themes:  Coffee                               

anything connected with this favourite drink except a list of teashops

Theme 22    2006          Download (PDF)        

 The Blitz                       Related Themes:  2nd World War  Battle of Britain

London was severely damaged by German air raids during the 1940-41 Blitz and these sites 
help to recall what life was like in the city during that time

Theme 90    2006          Download (PDF)

 Theatres                       Related Themes:  Acting  Ampitheatres

there are many theatres in London. Here are some of the architectural gems, the people associated with them 
and those with slightly different productions

Theme 14    2006           Download (PDF)


 Theatrical Memorabilia                                             

London has a long association with the theatre and many collections relating to it. 
From photographs of famous actors and theatres to puppet theatres this Theme offers a small collection
Theme 8
    2006           Download (PDF)                              




  Time              Related Themes:  Church Clocks  Clocks  Watches                  

clocks and watches are covered elsewhere - this looks at other aspects of time and time-keeping
Theme 38    2006          Download (PDF)     

 Toys              Related Themes:  Bears

for anyone who is a child at heart

Theme 34    2006           Download (PDF)

  Trains                     Related Themes: Railways  Steam               

from history, associations to real examples, this Theme covers the vehicle not the railways
Theme 26    2006          Download (PDF)


the more exotic or unusual or decorative                                               

Theme 47    2006           Download (PDF)


  Unicorns                          Related Themes:  Lions                                   

usually found together with the lion especially in churches and coats of arms                                                                                

Theme 52    2006          Download (PDF)


 Walled Gardens                                                              

         Theme 102    2006          Download (PDF)  

 Watches                         Related Themes:  Clocks  Time

from practical to fashionable to decorative - some belonging to famous people 
Theme 42    2006           Download (PDF)



  Weapons                        Related Themes:  Armour

from small (guns, pikes, swords...) to large (cannon, mortars, torpedos ...)
 - this Theme covers the real, replicas, history and artistic representation

Theme 77    2006           Download (PDF)


          only a selection of the many weathervanes on London buildings

 Theme 54    2006          Download (PDF)





 Wine                   Related Themes:  Beer & Brewing                

containers, sampling and slightly different shops                           

Theme 66    2006          Download (PDF)




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