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Why did CityThemes begin?

Even when living in London it is all too easy to miss many of the interesting and fascinating features of this great and historical city. As a tourist it can be even more of a challenge - to see as much as possible in what is probably too short a time. 

How many of us only know about the major tourist attractions, museums and art galleries? Often, if you work or live in London, you may never have even found the opportunity or time to visit some of these well-known places.

There are many excellent and interesting books, leaflets and web sites about London, its major attractions and the people associated with them. But, except for a few notable exceptions, there is very little that looks at London from a subject point-of-view.  

CityThemes attempts to redress the balance.

The Leaflets

CityThemes  leaflets have been designed to allow you to explore as the mood takes you whether you are a first-time or regular visitor or someone who works or lives in London and its environs. 

CityThemes cover both well-known and lesser-known sites ranging from museums and art galleries through churches and parks to shops and pubs. 

Information provided includes location and contact details, opening days and hours, how to get there and a brief description of the theme.

Entries are randomly listed so that you plan your own itinerary and visit as many or as few as you wish. 

Leaflets are free of charge. Each is provided as a PDF file so you can begin exploring immediately. They may be printed out as A4, double-sided A4 or as 2 pages per A4 sheet. If you do not have printing facilities then please e-mail us or drop us a line stating which leaflet/s you would like and copies will be put in the post by return. 

New CityThemes are being added regularly so please keep visiting this site. By adding it to your favourites you will be able to access it easily and quickly. If you can't find the theme you want then do get in touch. It may be in preparation.  

In some cases we may be able to prepare customized Themes for a reasonable cost.  Just e-mail us at info@citythemes.co.uk giving details of the subject you are interested in and we will get back to you with feasibility and cost.




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